Elkar becomes part of an innovative industrial project to create a new brand of more advanced acrylic sheets: Materics Glass is the result of the union between experience in the PMMA sector and research to create increasingly innovative, ecological and consistent with the needs of the future. We will build the result together with you: Click here to find out more

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ELKAR produces moulded acrylic sheets (PMMA) in his 6.000 sq. meters factory of Valmadrera (LC). Our long experience, gained through many years of activity and constant technological innovation guarantees the high quality of our sheets, obtained through production cycles at the cutting edge. Our commitment is steadily aimed to research and develop new technologies, manufacturing, effects and colorations, to expand the range of our products and to satisfy the needs of the market, increasingly oriented to research innovative materials.
We can do it keeping our quality unchanged and offering to our customers a really
Made in Italy product.  
  ELKAR s.r.l Via L. Vassena, 7 - 23868 - Valmadrera LC Tel. +39 0341 581291 - Fax +39 0341 580905  
E-mail: info@elkar.it